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is the leading exporters of all sorts of Jute and Jute products. Jute, a kind of fiber, is collected from the bark of Jute plants, It is natural, durable, versatile, re-usable, and low in cost, superior to synthetic, free from health hazard and environmental pollution.

It is mainly used to make Yarns, Hessian Clothes, Hessian bags, Sacking bags, Carpet backing Clothes etc.... Jute Yarns are useful for all the pile carpets and carpet backing. The usage of Hassian clothes and bag are normally applied for the packaging of agricultural and industrial products. The specialty of sacking bags & clothes are for the packaging of cement, sugar, nuts, rice, tea, flour, fertilizer etc..... In a nutshell, comparing the price, quality & service, Jute is considered as one of the best product in today's competitive market.


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